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Strangelove - Part 23

Part 23

“How’d it go?”

Peter turned off the main road, into his station house’s lot. “Great. She was receptive and excited. And she loved the surprise lunch, too, like you thought she would.”

“Perfect, and the sex?”

“I took your advice and took care of her first, and I think that worked, but I just can’t be too rough with her. It doesn’t feel right.”

Garrett’s voice echoed inside the cabin. “You have to push though, to be more demanding, for your sake and hers. You want intensity, right?”

“Sure, she drives me crazy. I’d tear her apart if I wasn’t afraid of hurting her.”

“You’re not going to hurt her, I promise you that. She wants your firm hand. She needs it. She’s asked you for it. Your worrying is holding you both back.”

“Yeah, I know,” Peter grunted, sitting back after shifting into park. “I’m at work but I wanted to ask you something else.”


“I had an idea. I’m not sure it’s something you’re going to be okay with or if it’s even cool with your house rules or whatever.”

“If you don’t tell me, I can’t know for sure.”

“Well, I’d like to borrow her safe space, to play with her there. She’s already acclimated, and like you told me, she needs to be comfortable in order to let go.”

A few seconds of silence endured before Garrett chortled. “Um, what?”

“I know, it’s a big ask. Like I said, I’m not sure it’s a good idea or even that you’ll go along with it. But if you can get her there, get her into the right mindset and then step back, I could take over. I know the ropes. And I think connecting with her this way in a place she knows is safe would be a great way to segue this whole thing back to me, where it belongs. I know you might lose two customers, but I need to make her happy and I have to show her I’m okay with all this sometime.”

“And when she has a heart attack seeing you there?”

“Right. She’ll run for the hills, so I’ll need your help, your influence. I know I need to be commanding, to not show any weakness when I take control or it’s over. But I need her to stay put longer than five seconds so I can get my point across. Once I do, I’ve got her.”

“Peter,” Garrett exhaled. “Man, I’ve never…”

“I know, and I don’t expect a yes. It’s just the best hope I have of bridging this gap with her.”

Another exhale from Garrett as Peter waited with damp palms.

“Fine, I’ll make it happen.”


Peter watched from the tiny office window as her aging sedan pulled up to the pole building. He gritted his teeth, used Garrett’s trick of palm-pinching to clear his thoughts and shifted into the adjacent room, closing the heavy door behind him. Hopping up into the armoire, he pulled the doors shut, sucked in a deep breath and waited for voices.

Garrett’s voice sounded first as the door slid open. “…home to relieve a recovering and exhausted wife was pretty awful. Life’s getting back to normal now.”

“Good,” Jessica’s voice chimed in, growing louder as she stepped nearer to Peter’s hiding place.

“I was starting to get worried when I hadn’t heard anything. I did really well at not blaming myself, but I was starting to slip. I’d eaten an entire pint by the time the phone rang Tuesday.”

“You’re stronger now than you’ve ever been. Don’t slip now. And speaking of being strong, I have a new challenge for today. Think you’re up for it?”

“I mean, I hope so. What did you have in mind?”

“Here, let’s start with this.”

Peter gazed through the narrow slit between the armoire’s doors, eyeing Garrett as he moved a wooden chair into the center of the space. She sat on it without qualm, her back to the peeping tom. Two sets of handcuffs held her in place.

“You like that?” Garrett asked.

“Snug. Spicy.”

Her illicit tone, the tainted honey of it, made Peter’s blood boil. He’d never seen her so brazenly assertive. She was confident, witty, sexy, more so than he’d ever realized.

“I should blindfold you but you’re a good girl. Keep your eyes straight ahead. Obey or you’ll go home disappointed.”

Garrett stepped around her, leaving the object of Peter’s desire chained in place. He opened the armoire door and let Peter hop out. He handed her boyfriend the cuff keys. They stood back a few feet, both sets of eyes on the damsel, who was already panting in anticipation.

Garrett spoke with a grin, laying a hand on Peter’s shoulder. “Today, we’re doing something else I’ve never offered to anyone before. Are you ready, Jessica?”


“Yes, who?”

“Yes, master,” she breathed. The sound strangled the air from Peter’s lungs

“Good girl,” Garrett praised, taking a few steps back toward the metal door as Peter took his place. As he stepped into his office, pulling the door closed, her shocked scream rang out.

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