Episode #1 - Welcome to The Rail

Aug 1, 2021

Your intro to the podcast, my goals for it and why clearing the rail means so much to me.

Episode #3 - Goals and Futures

Aug 15, 2021

Why I'm doing this podcast thing, why I want you to listen and what comes along with the success.

Episode #5 - Aug 2021 Recipes

Aug 29, 2021

Your monthly dose of recipes and meal ideas from yours truly. Eat a little better everyday!

Episode # 7 - Self-Affirmation Feels Like Woo-Woo Stuff

Sept 12, 2021

It's not silly to tell yourself you're awesome. Put yourself first and take yourself seriously.

Episode #9 - BONUS Episode - HUNGER

Sept 22, 2021

Hunger vs. hydration vs. boredom. Get in your own way.

Episode #11 - We > Me - A Community

Oct 3, 2021

We're stronger as a team. You're not alone.

Episode #13 - The Problem with Wellness

Oct 17, 2021

What's "wellness" mean, anyway? How can I achieve what I can't define?

Episode #15 - Oct 2021 Recipes

Oct 31, 2021

Spiked apple cider, the perfect turkey and pumpkin mousse are on the menu!

Episode #17 - My Successes with Whole30

Nov 14, 2021

A deep-dive into my month, my struggles and my successes. I learned a lot and so will you!

Episode #19 - Nov 2021 Recipes

Nov 28, 2021

It's time for W30 recipes, namely a breakfast berry salad and turkey chili, plus some snacks.

Episode #21 - Realistic Goal Setting

Dec 12, 2021

Goals should MATTER. Let's dive into what M, A, T, T, E & R mean!

Episode #23 - Dec 2021 Recipes

Dec 26, 2021

Celebrate the new year with honey orange biscuits, Kicked-Up Cordn Bleu and traditional chocolate fondue.

Episode #2 - Intro to Chef Jill

Aug 8, 2021

Who am I, what am I doing and why it's worth a shot. Here's how I Cleared The Rail in a nutshell.

Episode #4 - Websites/Resources

Aug 22, 2021

Sometimes you need a little help. Here are a few places to go for wellness tips, tricks and advice.

Episode #6 - Starting with History

Sept 5, 2021

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. ~ Winston Churchill

Episode #8 - Truth and Consequences

Sept 19, 2021

Quit lying, liar face. They're holding you back.

Episode #10 - Sept 2021 Recipes

Sept 26, 2021

All low carb! French toast, stuffed zucchini and chocolate cake. Really!

Episode #12 - The Neverending Rail

Oct 10, 2021

How to emotionally deal with life's endless rail.

Episode #14 - The Mental Game

Oct 24, 2021

A-ha moments, taking pride in your work, and being the best you can be, whatever that is.

Episode #16 - Intro to Whole30

Nov 7, 2021

What's Whole30 and how to retake control of your eating.

Episode #18 - Interview with a Whole30 Success Story

Nov 21, 2021

Meet Sherri, my bestie and a Whole30 success story we all can relate to.

Episode #20 - One Day at a Time | Better Everyday

Dec 5, 2021

Trite sayings don't equate to real progress, but goals and learning from the past will get you there.

Episode #22 - Self-Worth in a Selfish World

Dec 19, 2021

Self-worth, self-esteem, self-respect. The world wants stuff from you and you want stuff from the world. Where's the balance? Let's find it.

Season One