Beach Banquet

Clearing the Rail

Podcast #1 - Welcome to The Rail

Live on ANCHOR    |   Coming Aug 1

Your intro to the podcast, my goals for it and why clearing the rail means so much to me.

Image by Carli Jeen

Podcast #3 - Goals and Futures

Live on ANCHOR   |   Coming Aug  15

Why I'm doing this podcast thing, why I want you to listen and what comes along with the success.

Image by engin akyurt

Podcast #5 - Aug 2021 Recipes

Live on ANCHOR   |   Coming Aug 29

Your monthly dose of recipes and meal ideas from yours truly. Eat a little better everyday!

Exotic Food Bowl

Podcast #2 - Intro to Chef Jill

Live on ANCHOR   |   Coming Aug 8

Who am I, what am I doing and why it's worth a shot. Here's how I Cleared The Rail in a nutshell.


Podcast #4 - Websites/Resources

Live on ANCHOR   |   Coming Aug 22

Sometimes you need a little help. Here are a few places to go for wellness tips, tricks and advice.


Podcast # 6 - Starting with History

Live on ANCHOR   |   Coming Sept 5

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. ~ Winston Churchill