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PREORDER  Girl Alt Delete

~She's the ultimate protector, the ever-present guardian. She's everywhere and nowhere at once, haunting the edges of the internet to protect five famous women. They saved her from a life behind bars. Now, she saves them from those who threaten their safety and privacy. It's a full-time job, one she's been training for her entire life. From devastating betrayal to ultimate conquest, this is her story.

Click below to preorder your copy of Girl Alt Delete. This author-direct offer includes exclusive merch, including a recorded interview with the author, a sneak peek at her next

novel, and free shipping.

"Clearing the Rail" is now in print and on KU!

My first foray in nonfiction, this half-self help and half-recipe/menu guide details my journey toward being the person I was always meant to be, and who just so happens to be a bit thinner and happier! Search "Clearing The Rail" on Amazon for your copy!

Choose "Clearing The Rail" in this site's menu to learn more, then check out our podcast! Search "Clearing The Rail" wherever you get podcasts.

Come See Me at These Upcoming Events: 

July 8, 2023: RomantiConn | Trumbull, CT

Sept 16, 2023: Getting Witchy With It | Salem, MA

Sept 23, 2023: Books Books Books | Lancaster, PA

Oct 7-8, 2023: First State Writers Retreat | Newark, DE

Oct 14, 2023: Sweet as a Peach Indie Author Event | Atlanta, GA

Feb 24 - 25, 2024: TropiCon Author Event | St. Augustine, FL

May 4, 2024: Dreaming Dirty in Maryland | Baltimore, MD

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