Jill Marie is a published author of women's fiction and contemporary romance with comedic and dramatic elements.

Currently in print, Second Saga is a five book series focused on five women, friends since childhood, balancing life while attempting to maintain fame, one day at a time and with each other's unwavering sisterly love and support. 

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June 18-19, 2021: Book Bonanza Event and Con | Grapevine, TX

July 24, 2021: RomantiConn Event and Convention | Trumbull, CT

Sept 18, 2021: Books Books Books! Event and Signing | Harrisburg, PA

Nov 13, 2021: Indies Invade Philly Book Signing and Con | Philly, PA

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See the start of Second's story. It all begins with Emmi and her damnable pride.
Emmi's tale available anywhere books are sold

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