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Girl Alt Delete

"Being a hacker has its perks. I'm privy to the stuff you'd prefer to keep hidden, whether you want me to be or not. It's a good thing I'm on the side of justice. I have no interest in you if you keep your nose clean. When you threaten my bosses, though, I'll become your worst nightmare. I've come too far in this life, and been on too many walks through hell, to let you escape unscathed. Challenge me. Go ahead. I dare you."


~She's the ultimate protector, the ever-present guardian. She's everywhere and nowhere at once, haunting the edges of the internet to protect five famous women. They saved her from a life behind bars. Now, she saves them from those who threaten their safety and privacy. It's a full-time job, one she's been training for her entire life. From devastating betrayal to ultimate conquest, this is her story.

Clearing The Rail: A Chef's Journey from Food Addiction to Ultimate Redemption

In kitchen terms, “clearing the rail” means finishing all the tickets hanging on the metal rail above a hellish, hundred-plus degree workstation. Chefs and cooks are only worried about that singular moment, about moving plates as quickly as possible while the dining room buzzes. When rails are loaded, minds are distracted just enough to forget how destructive this short-sighted lifestyle really is.

As a chef, prioritizing the quality of others’ food over my own, I was a ticking time bomb. There had been too many years of drive-thru at two AM. Nights of sitting up, preoccupied with my own shortcomings, became the norm. I’d lost too many relationships while obsessed with the food that never loved me back. My rail was burgeoning. Anxiety and depression kept me up at night. I was punishing, rewarding and ignoring myself with food. Something had to give.

Five years ago, I suddenly saw the potential I’d been denying. Now, after years of working through mental and emotional miasma, I'm here to help clear your rail and manifest change. Half self-help / half recipe and meal planning guide, Clearing The Rail is this Chef's recounting of how the smallest tweaks in thought and practice bring about the greatest improvements.

If a chef can live a healthy lifestyle, anyone can. It's time for Clearing The Rail.

Second Saga's BOX SET


With the series complete, readers can now purchase a box set of all five novels, beautifully packaged in a custom autographed box for display and storage. This is an author-direct item, not available through BookLocker, Amazon or anywhere else. Get in touch using the button below to order this collector's edition, first-edition set. 

Save BIG vs. Cover/Individual Book Pricing

Cover Price = 83.75    Box Set = $75 (includes shipping)

Or come see me in person at any event to get yours!

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Second Saga, Book One: Emmi's Pride

Emmi Vendetta is the charismatic lead singer of Second, a rock band on an unstoppable trajectory. Blonde and curvy, she captivates on stage, forming a powerful and sultry image for the five-female group. But as the band manager and agent, she is Second's professional face, and offstage, she takes that role, and her dedication to it, seriously.

One night, she stumbles into the man of her dreams, dark and handsome British actor Simon Piers. Suddenly, the safe, cold wall she puts between her heart and the speculative media is threatened. Her body craves what her steadfast and cautious mind fears most; media critique, dismissal of her proficient image and Second's downfall at the hands of outside interests. But their gravitation is inescapable, and her desires cause her resolve to falter.

Will Emmi's pride stand in the way of the happiness Simon promises, or will she find room in her life for a chance at true love?      

Rai's proof pic.jpg
Second Saga, Book Two: Rai's Proof

Rai, Second's petite yet powerful guitarist, epitomizes the persona of a rock star and thoroughly enjoys the lifestyle it affords. A brutally talented musician with a humanitarian heart, she spends her life proving her worth to the world, onstage and off. Sidling the tough work and keeping her relations casual, she prefers the tempting over the tedious. Tough yet sultry, the charismatic musician earns her place in Second with exotic Asian beauty and the natural ability to sway even the most guarded producers and venue owners.

But when she tangles with an older, successful television writer and fellow art fan, she doubts all the tough lessons she's learned in life. The years of routine are threatened by his golden good looks and sharp mind. And his heart hides a desperate secret, one that keeps his soul in chains. Desperate for proof, hungry for affection, she pushes her perceptions, gambles with her heart, and puts her faith in his hands.

Can she dig deep, learn to love the man and the life he offers, and still find the proof she so desperately needs from him?

Deis cover.jpg
Second Saga, Book Three: Deis' Purpose

DeAnna Sarafian, Second’s intrepid bassist, is the tie that binds. Now known in both music and medicine as Deis, this fiery and exotic woman uses charm, wit and intellect to push boundaries and win over critics. Maternal and dutiful, this Armenian-American vixen works overtime to keep her friends on the same page.

This accomplished pediatric diagnostician is assigned the toughest case of her life, a teenager with an illusive illness and inexplicable symptoms. Pushed to the edge, Deis faces criticism, ridicule and oppression in the face of this impossible case. Having a hopeless crush on her mind doesn’t help, either.

Second’s pet project White Light and their lead singer Charlie Taylor, dark and mysterious, has derailed the normally composed bassist and doctor, leaving her obsessed and preoccupied. He’s physical perfection in her mind, but his heart is taken by another, one Deis has no hope of competing against.

Overwhelmed and exhausted, Deis is running out of time to diagnose her patient and cure her own desperation for Charlie’s attention. Will she win this race or succumb right along with her patient?

Destiny cover.jpg
Second Saga, Book Four: Destiny's Passion

Destiny, Second's enigmatic founding member, was born for the spotlight. With drumsticks in hand and ambition in heart, she created and led her Second sisters to fame with pure drive and fiery intensity. With Emmi now in charge, the wild child is devouring the fruit of her success, bewitching the rock music industry by day and indulging in blisteringly hot liaisons by night.

Mother taught her well. Enjoy your indulgences and leave them far behind. Fame waits for no one, after all. But Destiny's heart is hers alone, and despite her best efforts, one talented indulgence makes his way back into her vision, wreaking havoc on the wanton heart she'd kept sequestered for so long.


Destiny's got the chance to break free, to reform and rediscover what truly lies within. Only she can determine if her passion is strong enough to conquer her fear. Can she transform before time runs out?

Marilyn cover.jpg
BMV cover.JPG
Second Saga, Book Five: Marilyn's Promise

Marilyn's entire life revolves around music. As Second's keyboardist, producer and scout, she's constantly seeking out ways to keep rock music alive and kicking. The rawest and most natural musician in the group makes her a sought-after ally and comrade in the metal industry, keeping her world hopping and her dance card full.


Henry, Second's dutiful butler, only caught sight of Marilyn briefly the year before, but his entire world stopped at the sight. Covetous and secretive, he pines for his wayward crush, all the while serving his household and mistresses with undying affection.


When Marilyn returns home to Haven, Henry is bewitched all over again, but drama soon follows. The two need patience, understanding and a little luck to weather the storm. Along with her Second sisters, Marilyn's life is about to change forever.


Can Henry win over the headstrong musician? It'll take some effort, but a butler's work is never done.

Be My Valentine

Read Jill Marie's short story contribution titled "Rideshare" along with 17 other heartwarming, slice-of-life and romance-inspiring tales from some of the best modern romance authors. This massive book of sweet stories is perfect for beach reading, short story enthusiasts and anyone looking to believe in love again.

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