• Jill Marie Denton

New Story Starting Aug 8, 2020 - "Strangelove"

Here's what's in store...

Jessica is a consummate professional. Diligent, dutiful, demure. Kitten heels, pert bun, modest attire. But inside she holds a deep secret, one that leaves her breathless and quaking when she awakens every morning, the scandalous dreams still fresh in her guilty conscience.

Boyfriend Peter has no idea he has this firecracker on his hands. Hell, she's not even sure what to do with the passion burning inside, bewitching and terrifying her.

But there's another, a devilish, charismatic and enigmatic soul who can illuminate the dark, illicit corners of her mind. And Garrett will, if she's strong enough, courageous enough, confident enough, to allow him to.

Jessica's passion, Garrett's proficiency, Peter's potential.


Join us beginning next Saturday, Aug 8, for weekly drops of this story, completely free right here on Sultry Saturdays. Share, comment and join the conversation.

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