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Strangelove - Part 26 - FINALE

Part 26

Peter nudged the heavy metal door between playground and office space open as the sun was setting beyond the windows. Garrett eyed them from his chair as they stepped through, both with wide and shameless grins on full display. Jessica was wrapped in Peter’s jacket and wrinkled skirt while his tee and jeans were suspiciously damp and rumpled. She walked to the bathroom first, closing the door and leaving the two men staring at each other.

Garrett sat back with a lifted brow as Peter retrieved a long cash envelope from his wallet. He tossed it to the desk. “Much obliged. Thanks for all you’ve done. There’s a few extra hundred in there for sanitizing and dry cleaning.”

Their host couldn’t help but snicker. “Much obliged. I take it she made quite a mess. You look like you fell in.”

Jessica cleared her throat from the now open doorway, her arms crossed over the baggy jacket.

“Excuse me?”

Both men laughed as she reddened furiously. Peter pecked her cheek as he passed, taking his turn in the bathroom.

“So,” Jessica began, taking a few steps toward Garrett’s chair. He looked like a king on a throne, proud and powerful. “Should I call my lawyer? That nondisclosure didn’t hold up too well.”

“On the contrary,” he replied, bringing a booted foot up onto the opposite knee. “It’s still intact, I assure you. As is his.”

“You…” Her mouth dropped open. “Wait, you two…”

“Yep,” Peter silently stepped up alongside her, pressing a kiss to her cheek. “So, no tattling. You ready to head home, get some proper clothes on?”

Jessica whirled on him, her eyes wide. “Yeah, considering you cut mine in half!”

“Nice,” Garrett snickered, lifting his beer and smiling broadly at the happy couple.

~ JMD, Mar 2020

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Author's note: It's been my pleasure to take you on this journey of sexual exploration and discovery. The next Sultry Saturday installment series is sweeter and is coming soon! I hope to see you back, so you can start your Saturday off right!

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