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Strangelove - Part 25

Part 25

Jessica dropped from Peter’s grip onto the two cushion-topped bars, turning over to get onto hands and knees as Garrett had shown her months before. The scissors slipped along her hip, cutting away her panties. She felt his face nuzzle up as he trailed his tongue over her outer thigh, ass and lower back, the brush of his hair like a feather over damp skin. She couldn’t help purring.

“Delicious,” he breathed, running a palm down her spine to feel her tingle. “Stay put and look straight ahead. Don’t disappoint me.”

She released a deep breath, her mind reeling. She’d edged dozens of times with Peter, gotten so close to the golden ring so many times only to have him finish and roll off her. Either he’d been playing her the entire time or he’d received some serious lessons. She suspected the latter.

Something smooth and cold prodded her thighs, traipsing up and along her spine to her shoulder. He rounded her, bringing the dildo to her lips. She drew it into her mouth, fellating it, saturating it with her eyes fixed on his. Peter’s mouth dropped open, his gaze narrowing as he watched her lap at it.

“Do you want this inside you?”

She murmured in approval, still maintaining her gag order by pain of punishment at his hand.

“I see. More than you want me inside you?”

Her brows dipped as she shook her head, dragging her tongue left and right over the tip.

“Mm, good girl. But you’re not ready for me yet.”

Her eyes closed gently as his hand drew the toy away, disappearing from her peripheral vision. She felt the dildo press urgently against her, her blood racing as she anticipated the sweep inside, but it retracted before she got her wish.

She heard the chair move behind her, dragging closer over the plank floor. Curiosity swelled inside her, but she didn’t dare a glance over her shoulder. She felt warmth between her legs, heard him breathing heavily, but closed her eyes against the temptation.

When the silicon returned to press against her again, she dipped her hips to widen her stance. This time, the toy swept inside her to the hilt. Her head dropped as a shuddering moan unconsciously escaped. Then his mouth enveloped her clit from below as the toy fucked her in slow strokes.

Every muscle in her body went taut as his tongue lapped at her already exploited skin. He’d never ventured here, and she’d never insisted. Now, with her legs spread and his greedy mouth nudging and coaxing her to ecstasy, she regretted being so damn timid about it. The maddening high of it tore her apart.

She edged again, the tidal wave in sight as illicit tears streamed down her face. But Peter never stopped, never let up, thrusting the dildo into her as his tongue swirled and flicked. She lifted and dropped one knee, hoping to give him some subtle signal that she’d drown him, but he endured. Blazing heat spread from his mouth to her core, setting her muscles on fire as everything clamped down. She fought to stay on all fours, her arms quaking as she panted and wailed. And when the fire scorched the earth, her shudders calmed, her muscles loosened, and her torso dropped to the padding with a groan.

Peter had just enough time to pull back before she unleashed a torrent, drenching him, the chair and the floor below. He gaped for a moment, then sat back with a satisfied smirk, dripping from nose to knee.

She was still whimpering when he stepped around, standing in front of her with palms on his hips. When her glossy eyes finally focused upward and on him, he lifted a brow. His grin was brazen, his white shirt and jeans utterly saturated. Her mouth dropped open, gasping as her nails dug into the padding below.

Carefully, he drew her up onto her knees and stepped in close to cup her neck with both hands and lay a tender kiss on her lips. His tongue swept over and in, sharing her taste and coaxing delicious little moans from her.

He pulled back ever so slightly to murmur. “That’s my good girl.” His hands lifted her straight up, her legs wrapping around him instinctively. He ferried her to the bed, dropping her on the edge and eyeing her with a lifted brow. “You ruined my clothes. Take them off me.”

Without pause, her palms lifted the hem of his shirt, sweeping the damp cloth off and tossing it away. Winding fingers loosened his belt and pulled his jeans open, forcing them down as her tongue swirled just south of his navel. His head dipped back on a sigh as her palms brushed his boxers away.

Easy palms tugged and swept away her bra, revealing the rest of her porcelain skin. He thumbed her nipples before easing her mouth to his lap. He was swollen, edgy and ready. And when her tongue trailed down the length and back up the other side, his knees quaked. She wrapped both arms around his hips, and before he could scold her for impudence, she swallowed him deep into her throat.

She’d only tasted him like this once before. It wasn’t something he’d ever insisted on having, but now it was something she wanted. His twitches and growls while she tugged and sucked on him made her feel invincible.

He only let it last a minute before he tossed her backward to the mattress. On his knees, he hovered over her, taking her thigh in his palm and bending her leg up. She reclined, seductively narrowing her gaze as he pressed demandingly against her, center to center. She tipped her head back, waiting for him to slip inside as usual, but he gripped her shoulders instead, hauling her up into his lap.

Her lips collided with his impatiently, feeling him tremble and quake below her. His patience was running low, her body an active grenade he clutched onto for dear life. Winding his fists in her hair, he kept their mouths pressed together as he settled her onto his lap. He eased up, slipping inside her rapidly tightening walls.

Their moans mingled as he thrusted up and she pounded down onto him. He was hurdling toward the finish line, utterly destroyed by the scrape of her nails on his back and the scent of her perfume all around. Her head fell back as he felt her squeeze him like a vice, crying out and quivering before falling limp. He shifted his weight, flipping and pushing her to the mattress.

Hauling her up to her knees, he slid inside her from behind and pulled her back into him by the shoulders. She grunted, the penetration so deep that she thought she’d split in half. Finally, after she’d thoroughly rumpled the linens and wept his name a half-dozen times, he cried out in a throaty groan and slammed her back into him a final time, tugging at her hair and emptying while she panted.

She dropped to the bedspread, breathless and enthralled, as he curled up behind her. She

pulled his arms around her and nuzzled back against his slick chest. His exhausted, contented breaths fluttered her hair as her eyes gently closed.

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