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His Three Friends | Apr 11, 2020

Part 3.2

There was a quick detour on the way to Mark’s bedroom, one that I had hoped for but hadn’t bet on. And I wasn’t disappointed with his decision when he carried me carefully, like precious china, to the bathroom and lowered me onto the counter.

He pulled back slowly after another sweltering kiss, his eyes locked on mine. “This is first. It’s been a long night.”

I nodded once, tracing the pad of my thumb over his bottom lip.

He took one step back, lifting my hand and laying more kisses on it with those honey eyes locked on mine. I couldn’t help but take in the sight of his tattooed chest, narrowing to a V before it disappeared into the heavy waistband of his uniform pants. His tawny blonde hair was mussed now, disheveled by my exploring fingers.

And soon, he’d be warm, slick and soaking wet. Hell, I already was.

He returned after starting the water, standing before me at the sink. I reached down and unfastened the state-issued leather belt, easing my fingers underneath to unzip his fly and send his pants to the floor. He kept his eyes on mine, standing like a soldier while I undressed him fully. Steam began to billow around us like clouds as he lifted me from the counter to stand me up, spin me around and edge up against my back.

With his eyes on the mirror and his lips on my neck, he opened the buttons of my overshirt and slipped it from my shoulders. He reached under my cami, his grazing fingers causing my eyes to close with a sigh. He slipped it up and over my head. Then he stopped dead.

When my eyes reopened to take in the scene in the mirror, his gaze was focused on the nearly sheer yellow lace wrapped around my chest. The strapless bralette held me tight and showed off my nipples in a brazen display. The look in his eyes was half appreciation and half awe, but completely greedy.

“Holy shit,” he muttered into my collarbone. “My God are you sexy.”

“Mm, and what about this?” I whispered, undoing and shoving my jeans down to my ankles.

His gaze tripped back up, taking in the sight of the matching thong holding onto my hips for dear life. His breath squeezed from his lungs. He slipped a hand down my back, grasping my butt as his teeth closed around my earlobe. “Please let me take those off.”

My reply was a murmur as I turned to face him. “Oh, please do.”

Stepping up close, forcing me back against the counter, Mark’s lips swept over mine again. Rough fingers ripped the lace into pieces as I traced my nails down and over his tense shoulder blades. The trembles running through him and the feel of his erection pressing against my lap made me shiver.

A moment later, we were in the shower. Those same rough hands tugged at my hair as he turned me to the spray, not letting an inch of space exist between us. The steam around us brought his scent, woodsy and intense, to my nose as his calloused palms exploited every dampened inch of my skin.

While the water ran and while he absorbed its warmth, I sank to my knees. Droplets peppered my face as he eyed me. With a sultry brow lifted, I licked my lips, watched him shudder and sucked the entire length of his shaft again and again, grabbing onto his hips to anchor him. His useless curses were muffled by the deluge.

When his knees buckled and his arm reached out for the support of the shower bar, I rose slowly with my eyes locked on his. I couldn’t resist taking him in my soaped palm and continuing the onslaught. With a tremor, he took my neck in his hands and panted against my face.

“Easy, easy. I’m gonna come if you keep that up.”

Up on my toes, I brought my lips to his ear, curling my tongue behind. “Mm, you promise?”

I heard him snicker, knew he was smirking, as he reached behind to turn the water off. After sweeping open the curtain, he threw his arm under me and sweeping me off my feet.

“Oh yes,” he replied easily, carrying me over the tub wall and through two doorways before dropping me unceremoniously onto his king-size mattress.

I sprawled out on the chocolate-colored bedding, rolling my head back with a moan as he crawled alongside with fire in his eyes. His tongue lapped at my nipple before traveling from neck to navel, exploring as he went. His warm breath swept across my flesh as his fingers teased my inner thighs.

Every caress, every flick and every nibble were so gentle, so calculated. And all I could do was whimper as his mouth swept lower and lower, finally tucking between my thighs to exploit the molten core he found. He wasted no time in unleashing a slow, devastating assault, his thumbs rubbing along either side of his tongue.

The technique was so intense, so jaw-droppingly and unapologetically breathtaking, that I could only stare at the ceiling as the world spun. White heat radiated from his tongue up my spine and down my legs, curling my toes and fingers into the bedding. I wailed helplessly as he swirled and dipped inside me with his greedy tongue, his thumbs continuing their assault. Even as the fire grew more intense and as I wriggled to be free of it, he pinned my legs down with brute force and continued the onslaught.

Then I broke in half. A rolling wave of magma burned me down to the bone as my back arched, a scream escaping me and echoing around us. His palms held my hips down, his forearms anchoring my legs to keep me helpless. His face was buried so deeply in me that I couldn’t break free. And that rolling wave and the blinding orgasm it brought with it, along with his muscled restraint, squeezed every bit of breath from my lungs.

He swept a finger over his lips and chin, sucking it clean before climbing back up over me. His eyes focused on my hazed irises and that wicked grin returned, lifting his stubbled cheeks in pride. I smacked his chest weakly before collapsing back to the mattress.

While I regained my breath, I heard rummaging in a nearby drawer. Peeking over, I watched him remove a square of foil from a drawer and open it. He slipped the latex on, and before I could argue, I was flipped onto my stomach. Positioned behind me, over me and around me, he nestled his lips into my neck. His hands took mine and wrapped them around the metal rungs of his headboard before pulling them back.

“Hold on tight,” he breathed, moving his hands to either side of my shoulders and lowering his torso against my spine. I felt him line up against the backs of my thighs before his entire length jammed inside me in a quick, brutal sweep.

A long groan escaped my throat as his body grinded against mine in smooth, easy strokes. My legs were pinched together between his, giving precious little space for his wide shaft to penetrate. The abrasion on my hot center, already decimated by his abusive tongue, brought tears to my eyes. My nipples rubbed into the bedsheets as his body weighed me down, demanding more from me than I’d bargained for. But there was no way in hell I was going to stop him.

His grunts turned wild as his body strained, each stroke growing shakier than the last. I let go with one palm, reaching up and grasping his hair with twisted fingers. I couldn’t help moaning his name. I knew he was close, so close to losing control, and I wanted him to. I wanted to be the reason he abandoned logic for a moment.

His torment stopped as he flipped me easily onto my back. Craning down over me, he captured my lips in a breathy gasping kiss. I lifted my legs and rested my ankles on his shoulders as he grasped my hips, arching to slip inside me again. Rocking with him and keeping my eyes on his, he swallowed hard, swayed and grunted until his body couldn’t hold on any longer.

And when he collapsed onto me, when his head dropped to my shoulder, I caught him and smiled ecstatically at the ceiling. Our breaths tangled as I felt his heartbeat slowly calm in the succeeding minutes.

As I redressed, he fetched our coffee mugs, a towel tied loosely around his trim waist. He watched me button my flannel shirt with a smirk, cradling his coffee like a lifeline. “You need anything else?”

I eyed him as he leaned against the doorframe. “Nope, I’m good. I’ll head out, let you get some rest.”

He nodded, stepping out of my path as I swept by. I paused at the couch to grab my purse as his footsteps edged up behind.

“So, I have to ask,” he began, his arm propped against the wall of the adjoining hallway. “The yellow lace. How’d you know?”

I turned back with a grin. “Oh Mark, I’ve known for years.”

“How? I never told you about that. I never told anyone about that.”

“Sam was there, remember? He told me about your high school escapades. And you’ve been the Yellow Klepto to us ever since.”

“Jesus,” he glowered. “You know, you steal one thing one time…”

“And you’re a marked man, Deputy.”

The image of his reddened cheeks and pitiful scowl kept me smiling the whole trip back.

{Part 4 Coming Apr 18, 2020} <3 JMD

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