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His Three Friends | Apr 25, 2020

I watched Rex with shock and thrill as he tightened the necktie around my wrists, bringing his lips in dangerously close to mine. He twisted the cloth tighter as I narrowed my gaze. I held my ground and held my breath, wanting him to spark the blaze between us.

With impressive strength, the CEO gathered me up and forced me back against the closest wall, holding my knotted wrists over my head. His face tucked into my neck and I arched back, too glad to feel his warm lips taste my throat and collarbone. His sighs and breaths burned against my skin as he explored.

With my hands pinned, I could only watch as his lips trail south to the edge of the silk encircling my chest. His tongue tucked along the edge and under cloth as his eyes closed softly.

I wanted so badly to twist my fingers in his hair, to rip his suit to pieces, to mess up his perfect little world and destroy him in five seconds flat. All I wanted was his body, his sweat and his muscle, but he clearly wanted far more than that from me. He wanted utter surrender.

He rose to his feet, keeping my wrists retrained with one massive palm. His free hand forced its way through my hair to the back of my neck and pulled me into a fierce kiss that winded me instantly. His tongue was insistent, relentless as it swept over and against mine. A delicious moan escaped as he squeezed me against the wall with demanding hips.

When he pulled back, I gasped into his shoulder with a grin. Firm arms lifted me from the floor and carried me to the desk. He dropped me onto the cold marble before sitting in his office chair, spinning it to face me with a foot of floor space between us. After pulling my restraints loose, he tossed the tie to the floor, opened the top two buttons of his shirt and sat back.

“Strip for me. I want to see it all.”

I lifted a brow, sitting forward. “Mm, you calling the shots now?”

“Fine, I’ll go first.” He grinned, tugging the fancy jacket from his shoulders and releasing the bottom buttons of his Oxford, pulling the placket open to reveal smooth, sculpted chest beneath. Sitting back, he laid his muscled arms on the arm rests and cocked his head to the side. “Now it’s your turn. I want to see it all.”

I licked my lips, already turned on by the peppery cologne ebbing off his skin. I knew he’d taste a little of salt and wickedness. I knew how his muscles would tremble while I exploited every nook and cranny of his flawless body. I fought to control my pulse as he widened his seated position, opening his lap to me.

Sliding off the desk, I strode past him, moving to stand by the floor-to-ceiling outdoor window as his chair spun to keep me in his sights. Turning my back on him, the tinted window’s glare revealed just how turned on I looked. Tousled hair, skintight lingerie, pointed ruby nails. And his gaze consumed every inch of me as I watched him in the reflection past my right hip.

My mind cued up a slow, sultry song, one I knew a stripper would dance to while wrapping herself around a pole. I released a deep breath, tipping my head back with closed eyes to channel her spirit, to envision a routine like she’d do. I had an audience to impress and it was a discerning one.

I shook out my hair, tendrils feathering between my shoulder blades as Rex reclined behind me. Reaching back, I ran my hands from my cinched waist down my bare ass and to the edges of the stockings pulled up high on my thighs. Arching my back, I released a sigh, letting the vixen loose.

I turned slowly on my heels to find his gaze fixed on mine. Slowly, I edged closer, cupping a palm around his neck to bring his face to the silk at my waist. His palms traipsed over the fabric, over the boning and around to the back as I spun to show him the laces. Lowering slowly into a crouch, I guided his hands to the ties and used his fingers to tug the knot loose. Rising in a slow, serpentine motion, keeping my back to him, I shrugged the corset off an inch at a time. Only the garter belt, clips and lace thong remained once I tossed the corset to the side.

Shaking my hair out again with swaying hips, listening to the slow tune play on in my mind, I turned back to him. He ogled my breasts, now on full display, and tucked his thumb between his teeth as his eyes travelled south. They took in my reflection as well in the window as I carefully, deliberately, I climbed onto him, careful to keep my lap separate from his. I balanced on my knees, the chair pushed back to and propped up against the desk. He kept his hands on the armrests, his breaths turning to pants as I stretched up and writhed to the rhythm only I could hear. He waited with a saint’s patience as I craned down, arched back, tossed my hair against his chest and finally nestled my fingers under the belt around my middle. Releasing the clips on each thigh, I slid the band and metal bits off, leaving behind only the thong and stockings.

He released a slow breath as his palms reached for his belt buckle. Not wanting to miss my chance, I tugged his hands away, slipping down to the floor and nestling my lips at the zipper. He groaned in anticipation, his head tipping back as my teeth forced open the fabric. Freeing him with gentle fingers and seeing how impressively lengthy he was made me gasp.

Sweet Jesus. Some rumors are true.

I licked a palm and stroked the shaft as I rose up to retake my spot on his lap. His damp palms swept up my belly to my breasts as I craned back. Writhing and rubbing wherever our skin touched, I laid back, his arms moving under my thighs to support my weight as I laid parallel to the floor, letting his strength take over as I released a breathy moan.

He watched as I slithered, rolled my shoulders, gyrated to the last few seconds of the melody in my brain. When I lifted my head to gaze at him with my lips parted, he deftly pulled me toward him, slamming our laps together.

I groaned helplessly as his arms pulled me upright, perched on him like a bird on a wire. I shoved my legs under the armrests, sealing our torsos as he took my lips in caged fury. His nails clawed into my hair, tugging and tossing, as he swallowed every one of my gasps.

Rex paused long enough to pull his head back, to see how bewitched I was by his onslaught and to shoot me a wicked grin. “Up.”

My eyes narrowed but he was in no mood to clarify. Without warning, he stood, carting me up with him and dropping my feet to the floor. In a split second, I was pressed up against the cold windowpane, the city beyond on display. His body pressed demandingly against mine with the smooth wool of his dress pants caressing the backs of my thighs. The frosty glass turned my nipples to stone. He reached around to abuse them, grinding against me. As one hand slipped farther down, tickling my middle on its way to my core, I leaned my head back on his shoulder with weak knees.

He moaned against my neck, licked at my ear, palmed at my hips while I squirmed in ecstasy. “Let me in.”

I edged my feet farther apart, my muscles turning to jelly in his grasp. His forefinger swept under the delicate silk of my thong then tucked inside me. Without warning, the finger began a ruthless assault, dipping in and pulling free in brutal strokes. And the world took a hard turn to the right.

He suckled at my neck, nibbling where my pulse raced his finger coaxed endless breathy moans from my lips. His lips trailed up my cheek as I relaxed back into him, his tongue tucking behind my earlobe on a sweet exhale. The mussed locks around his temple swept over my jawbone as more fingers joined in on his assault.

With trembling thighs and tight lungs, I edged closer to the pinnacle. There was no holding back, no fighting against this kind of overwhelming high. And no matter how weak I was, no matter how much I slouched against his frame, Rex held me up, working hard and panting into my neck.

The blitz only lasted a few more seconds before my entire body quaked, stiffening like a board. The dam broke loose as I screamed. Everything I had, every drop left in me, poured into his palm as he cooed praise and wonder into my ear. I collapsed back into him, starting to slide to the floor as his arms caught and grabbed hold of me. I laid across them in winded exhilaration as he carted me away from the smudged, foggy windows.

I expected to be dropped onto the desk again, but he carried me to the expensive piece of gym equipment, laying me upright against the slant board. My back touched the cool cushion as he leaned down over me, his stormy eyes watching the color return to my face. A single fingertip traced my cheek, down my neck, over my breast and to my navel. The quake it caused within me was unstoppable as I fought to regain my breath.

“Stay put,” he instructed, standing up and stepping to the shelf. Turning my heavy head, I watched him remove two resistance bands and two huge metal clips from the supply. On the walk back over, he slapped the thick elastic against his tightened abs, on display between the opened edges of his now rumpled shirt.

I lifted a brow as he wrapped the resistance bands around me and the slant board, using the clips to tighten them underneath. With arms and thighs were pinned to the board, I was completely helpless and utterly spellbound. He stepped back to devour me with hungry eyes.

“I’m not nearly done with you yet.” He murmured, not breaking eye contact for a single moment as he whisked away the remains of his designer suit. He stepped away from the pile, now completely naked in my view. He was pristine, all olive skin, haunting eyes and battle-hardened muscle.

{Part 4.2 Coming May 2, 2020} <3 JMD

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