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Strangelove - Part 18

Part 18

Jessica lifted the hem of her skirt as instructed. Garrett circled her like a hungry tiger, the belt gripped tightly in his hand. Inside her safe space, with the velvet furnishings all around and the candlelight of the sconces all around, she felt brazen, beautiful and empowered. He’d obeyed her, brought her here and was ready to grant her wish.

Garrett stepped up, meeting her steadfast gaze with a lifted brow. “Confident. Stunning. Not naked enough. Take everything off.”

On command, she swept off her top and unfastened her bra, letting them both drop to the floor. The skirt was kicked aside. The radiant warmth of the fireplace kissed her skin as she watched him circle again, this time brushing the leather against her belly and lower back to make her shudder.

The belt suddenly swept around her waist from behind, tugging her back into his chest. She exhaled sharply as her lungs squeezed. She was keenly aware of how excited he was this time around as his lap pressed demandingly against the small of her back. His breathy voice resonated in her ear. “You’re torturing me. I want to destroy you, right here, right now. I should make you suffer for doing this to me. Bad, bad girl.”

Her eyes closed as the belt slipped up over belly and breast to her neck. He gripped it with one hand, pulling it snug against her windpipe. His other hand grabbed her hip, keeping her in close.

“Yes, master,” she murmured. “I’m a bad girl.”

His purr warmed her shoulder. “Mm, and what do bad girls get?”


He grinned, his eyes rolling back in ecstasy. He fought to control that dogged impulse, the one begging him to abuse her faster and rougher than she could handle. Focusing on his heartbeat, he let go of his grip on her to step back. “Bend over.”

It was Jessica’s turn to grin as she avoided his gaze, turning to the bed and leaning over it as she’d envisioned. He cracked the belt, the explosion like a whip over her shoulder.

The first slap across her ass burned like a branding iron. The shock made her gasp. But as the blood gathered under the skin and as the anticipation mounted, her mind detached. She released a slow breath and the belt struck her again, on the other cheek, as she gripped the blankets. He snapped the belt once more, the lash sound echoing around her.

The third impact brought a breathy moan to her lips and turned her knees to jelly.

He spanked her twelve times, her porcelain skin a blooming rose, before dropping the belt to his feet. In a swift show of strength, he lifted, flipped and tossed her onto the bed, shifting her to the center. “Did you learn your lesson?”

“Yes, master,” she panted, her eyes locked on his.

“I’m not so sure,” he contended, stepping to an armoire. The doors swung open, revealing a collection of leather gear he’d been waiting to unleash on her. From the drawer below, he fetched ankle restraints, lined with fur and secured with shackles. On the way back, he grabbed a heavy wedge-shaped pillow.

He pulled her to the edge of the bed by her ankles, securing them to the bedframe’s poles and spreading her legs into a V. He sat her up and tucked the wedge behind. She was spread out and ready. His erection pressed urgently against his fly as he rounded on his prey.

“You’ve been obedient so far, so I’ll let you watch. Sit on your hands. Don’t you dare move.”

She exhaled, holding her pose as he returned to the armoire a second time. Her mind tripped over what he had in store, panic easing its way in. But memories of her explosive orgasm swept in right after, chasing fear away and replacing it with hope.

He walked back slowly, a white-tipped wand and a pale dildo in his palms. “Let’s see how good a girl you really are. You will cum for me. You will drench me again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”

With a grin, he dragged the silicon toy up her body. Hovering it on her lips, she sucked it inside her mouth, her focus never darting from his face. A roll of thunder coursed through his body at the sight of the princess turning so wicked.

Now lubricated, he moved the toy back to her lap. “Keep your legs apart. I won’t tell you


When his eyes shifted south, so did hers, down to where the tip was penetrating her so painfully slowly. She was wet from the rush of the belting, every muscle in her body already humming, when the entire length was buried inside. When it pulled out again, taking his sweet time, her mouth fell open on a long sigh.

He picked up pace gradually, kneeling by the bed to get the perfect angle. Her back arched as tantalizing little chills ran down her spine, curling her toes. And when the vibrating head of the wand in his other hand suddenly pressed against her clit, she almost launched through the roof. A scream shattered the calm of the room as her pulse soared.

His head dipped as sweat pooled on his brow. She bucked and kicked, trying to escape her

tethers while he maintained vibrating pressure and kept thrusting the toy into her. He shifted his weight forward, pressing his head into her torso and using his biceps to keep her knees bent and her body still. She quaked, pushing against his strength, but he braced himself, continuing the merciless onslaught.

She begged and pleaded, tears rimming her eyes. Her heart was seizing in her chest. She wanted desperately to pull her hands free, to grab his hair, his shirt, anything to stop him. But she was outmatched, pitifully so. She could only groan, slam her eyes shut and picture herself bent over again, with the belt slapping her skin and her palms grasping at the bedspread.

That groan spoke volumes to Garrett. She was close. She was accepting the pleasure rather than railing against it. And when she’d embraced the sensations, learned to force back the fear of release, her dam would burst just like he wanted.

He sat back, retaking the position on the floor as her frame went limp, whimpers escaping her lips in quick succession. Folding his legs underneath and sidling to the edge of the bed, he positioned himself as close to her as possible. He couldn’t help grinning as he pulled the vibrating wand and dildo away.

Her head snapped up, a few gossamer tears melting with the dewy sweat on her face. Disappointment was clear as day in the longing gaze.

“Oh, did you think I was going to let you cum now?”

“No,” she whimpered, rolling her head back. “No, no please.”

“No, what?”

“No, please. Don’t stop. Please.”

“Don’t stop, what?”

“Don’t stop. Please. Keep fucking me. Please.”

“Please, who?”

“Please, master. Please don’t stop.”

Garrett nearly lost control but winced and forced back his libido enough to slam the dildo inside her and jam the vibrating wand against her, holding them both still. No mercy this time.

The head ground into her like a drill as she erupted into another scream. He watched her squirm, clench and exhale a shaky breath as her body fell limp, then twitched uncontrollably. On a long, sweet sigh, she emptied, splashing on his hands and lap. Her endless groan reverberated around the space as he sat up, swept his hand against her dripping folds and slapped it hard against her ass. One damp finger made it to her mouth.

She opened dreamy eyes, shooting him a sultry glare as she sucked his index finger between her lips. The heat from her tongue shot straight down to his groin.

“Good girl,” he murmured. “Such a good girl.”

Her head collapsed to his shoulder, a satisfied smirk curling her lips.

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