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Strangelove - Part 20

Part 20

On the drive home, Jessica stopped for a pint of full-fat comfort studded with every candy bar known to man. On the couch with a sad movie playing, she indulged with the biggest spoon in her arsenal.

An hour or two passed. The carton was long since empty. When her phone rang, her exhausted eyes snapped open to see the credits rolling on the flat screen in the corner.

She yawned, lifting her cell from the table. Unknown number. She swiped a finger across the screen, declining the call. Robocalls were allowed until at least nine.

When the phone rang again moments later, she lifted a brow, grabbing it to see the same number trying again. Curious, she swiped across the green circle.


“Jessica,” the male voice uttered. Garrett.

“Um, hi. I thought we agreed that…”

“Right, no phone calls. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have, believe me, but I only have a minute. Can you talk?”

“Yeah, I’m home alone. Everything okay?”

“I’m fine, but I know we’re not. I don’t do this often, but I apologize, Jessica. I let you down these past few weeks. I didn’t even answer your last email. That’s unacceptable. I hope you forgive me.”

“You don’t owe me an email. Wow, didn’t you tell me that way back when, when I apologized for not emailing you back?”

He chuckled, a deep, reassuring sound in her ear. “Yep, and I’m so glad you’re not mad. I let down a bunch of clients these past few weeks, and I think I lost a few of them. I’m hoping I haven’t lost you, too.”

She exhaled with a smile, closing her eyes. “No, of course not. But I am needy. And I’m lonely.”

“I can see you Thursday night, but I imagine it’ll be pretty late by the time you get here. Are you free Saturday?”

Four days away. “Yeah, I can make it. The earlier, the better.”

“Noon,” he replied. “Head straight to your safe space.”

“K, got it. And Garrett?”


“Don’t ghost me again.”


She was prompt, pulling up to the clandestine pole building at the sun rose high in the May sky. As usual, he was waiting for her. Once she was safely inside his office, she embraced him gently. His hair had grown out a bit and a bit of scruff hid his jawline.

“Looks like you’ve had a rough few weeks,” she acknowledged, her eyes turning down sorrowfully. “Xander’s okay?”

“Yeah, he’s fine now, and so is Gwen. The shop is finally back at full staff, too. Pulling twelve-hour shifts there then going home to relieve a recovering and exhausted wife was pretty awful. Life’s getting back to normal now.”

“Good,” she replied, following him through the latched door and into her crimson bedchamber. “I was starting to get worried when I hadn’t heard anything. I did really well at not blaming myself, but I was starting to slip. I’d eaten an entire pint by the time the phone rang Tuesday.”

“You’re stronger now than you’ve ever been. Don’t slip now. And speaking of being strong, I have a new challenge for today. Think you’re up for it?”

She shrugged, looking around. The equipment was still tarped and no new apparatuses were on display. “I mean, I hope so. What did you have in mind?”

“Here, let’s start with this.”

He pulled a simple wooden chair from the corner, placing it in the center of the room, facing the bed and fireplace. She heard the latched door close behind her as she sat without a word. He stepped to the armoire and snagged two pairs of handcuffs from his supply before pulling her arms behind the backrest and cuffing her wrists together. She tugged on the metal once she heard the metal clink but was unable to tug free. He stepped around and used the other pair to tether her ankles together. The six inches of chain wasn’t enough to even allow her to separate her knees.

He stood up and stepped back, eyeing his prey. “You like that?”

She tugged at her restraints again. Nothing was tingling with pins and needles, but she was immobile enough to make her heart race. “Snug. Spicy.”

“Mm. I should blindfold you but you’re a good girl. Keep your eyes straight ahead. Obey or you’ll go home disappointed.”

She snickered as he stepped behind her, out of her view, and opened a different armoire. Something solid, heavy, made impact with the floor. She wanted nothing more than to glance back, to see this surprise awaiting her but she daren’t break his rules. She remembered how painful it’d been to be denied pleasure the last time.

She felt his presence approach her from behind. She released a deep breath, excitement tying her stomach in knots. Maybe he was unleashing that third naughty apparatus on her today, the one he hadn’t let her play with months ago. Maybe he’d added something new to his collection.

Over her shoulder, she heard him murmur. “Today, we’re doing something else I’ve never offered to anyone before. Are you ready, Jessica?”

“Yes,” she breathed.

“Yes, who?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good girl,” he praised, taking a few steps back.

Her palms clenched behind her back as a few edgy second ticked by, chasing the one before. Her impatience grew, anticipation burning a hole in her stomach. When his frame finally approached again, towering over her shoulder, she closed her eyes, too tempted to break his rule, to look up and back at her dominator.

But when a tall man with a narrow build and tawny hair stepped around her chair, coming into view, her eyes turned to saucers.


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