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Strangelove - Part 4

Part 4

Jessica sat beside Garrett, unmoving except for the occasional dip of her head in particularly quiet spots of the movie. Her burgundy jacket stayed on, her hands tucked into its pockets as she slumped against the backrest. When he lifted the armrest between them and pulled her cheek to his shoulder, she finally relaxed enough to doze off.

He peeked over occasionally, relieved to see her so comfortable with him. She was so close now, so close to trusting him completely, to falling in line. Her delicate features twitched when a loud explosion rung out in the theater but other than that occasional tremble, she slumbered peacefully, unsuspectingly, against his arm.

When the house lights brightened and the credits began to roll, he nudged her gently. She barely moved so he waited a few more minutes, allowing the other patrons to evacuate before trying again. This time, she jerked up with a start, taking in the empty seats surrounding them.

“Oh God, did I seriously sleep through the whole thing?” She winced, covering her face with both hands.

Garrett laughed heartily. “Yep. That nap cost me a cool fourteen bucks, too.”

She punched his arm lightly with a snort. “Seriously? That’s so embarrassing. I’m so sorry. That’s what I get for working so late.”

In a flash, his face was an inch from hers. “I warned you.”

Jessica’s eyes widened as she realized her mistake, but she was too late to take it back and far too late to stop his wandering fingers. His right palm took her hair firmly in a fist, pulling back until she arched against his chest.

“I should punish you right here. You deserve it. You disobeyed,” he breathed into her neck, watching the fine hairs below her ear stand on end as she panted. “Bad girl.”

Jessica’s body tensed in his grasp. He blew so cold sometimes and so hot others, it was dizzying trying to keep up. But her body responded to his rough threats by igniting, catching fire where she sat. She felt herself growing wetter as his fierce eyes met hers.

Every bit of his intensity poured into his stare. Only when her gaze shifted from shock to desirous lust did he shake his hand free, standing and walking away. It was a calculated yet daring move. If she followed him, if she fell silently in line, she was his from that moment forward.

And without qualm, Jessica rose from her seat, her eyes fixed on Garrett’s shoulders as she followed him through the theater’s doors without a word.

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